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The company was initially brought into play in 2016, it's first stages were developing experimental short films, and trying to incorporate indigenous values into digital stories. The product line is essentially the same, but we evolved over the years and now provide digital photography, music composing, and writing. The company has grown ever since, and now we've gained additional three-thousand members on our media page in the community. After the company gained slow popularity, we finally established an entire working crew. In conclusion, the company provides digital Aerial/Videography, Photography, and Live-Streaming services. #WeAreNativeOperated (: <3

Additional Info

Ota Au Films is a new video production and media company based in South Dakota. It works with B2B and B2G clients from all over the country and offers reliable photography and videography services. These services not only meet the needs but also exceed clients' expectations.

Business Sector

The company currently operates in the art, entertainment, and recreation sector.

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