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Standing Firm: The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe's Justified Exclusion of Three Dupree School Employees

"Non-Members often forget that they are living on an Indian Reservation (federally recognized tribe) or sovereign nation, with its own government, laws, and rules"- Ota Au Films


The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe's recent decision to exclude three employees of the Dupree School District from their reservation lands has caused some controversy in their region of South Dakota. However, the Tribe's actions are justifiable given their responsibility to protect their Tribal Members.

A photo from Ota Au Films on 'On The Trees' road looking west at a butte near Green Grass.


The action came after two parents filed child abuse allegations against a teacher at Dupree Elementary School. The allegations included slapping one child and forcefully grabbing another. The Tribe's subsequent exclusion of the teacher, a principal, and the superintendent was legal under their status as a sovereign nation.

The Tribe understands the impact of this decision on their community, especially the hundreds of children in the district, and they are committed to protecting all children on their homelands. Any claims of alleged abuse of their children are taken very seriously, and they will always act to protect their children. The Tribe does not want to turn this into an Indian versus white person thing, as there is no need for this to be seen as racial.

The Tribe's police department is actively investigating the abuse allegations and they will turn their findings over to the FBI if it is determined that child abuse or any other crime did occur. Furthermore, the Tribe is following due process and is ensuring that the three employees are given a fair trial.


The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe is taking necessary steps to ensure that their children are safe and protected. They are not only acting within their rights as a sovereign nation, but they are also taking the initiative to improve the lives of their future generations.

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