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How Mo Brings Plenty and Cole Brings Plenty Are Influencing Modern Hollywood

Updated: Mar 25

Mo Brings Plenty and Cole Brings Plenty, among others, are altering Indian Country's preconceptions; read on to see how they are doing just that.


The entertainment industry is no stranger to diversity, but the involvement of Native Americans in modern Hollywood is a unique phenomenon. Individuals like Mo Brings Plenty and Cole Brings Plenty are helping to lead the culture of their people on the big screen, inspiring and cultivating a revived willpower. But is this the extra help the Native Americans have been waiting for? Let’s take a look.

Mo and Cole Brings Plenty in 1923 and Yellowstone on the right side of the image.
Cole Brings Plenty in 1923 (left) and Mo Brings Plenty in Yellowstone (right).


The Representation of Native Americans in Film from early stereotypes of "savages" to contemporary depictions of strong leaders, how Native American characters are portrayed in film has come a long way from its beginnings. Over time, the stories being told about Natives have become more nuanced and accurate. This process has been slow-going but it's becoming easier for audiences to see themselves represented onscreen with less reliance on harmful stereotypes.

In recent years, filmmakers have started incorporating more authentic storylines and characters that focus on modern issues facing Native communities. Characters such as Mo Brings Plenty (from Yellowstone) and Cole Brings Plenty (from 1923) have provided moviegoers with an opportunity to engage with stories that are not only entertaining but educational as well. This increased representation can be seen as a positive step forward in terms of encouraging acceptance and understanding between cultures.

The Impact on Native Communities from a cultural perspective, stories can create an impact that goes beyond just entertainment value. In addition to providing visibility for marginalized groups, they can also serve as powerful tools for social change by helping shape public opinion, bringing awareness to important issues, and sparking conversations about topics such as identity and belonging. Furthermore, seeing positive representations of their culture onscreen can help instill a sense of pride among members of those communities who may otherwise feel excluded or underrepresented within society at large.


Overall, it's clear that having more inclusive stories being told in modern Hollywood has had a positive effect not only within the entertainment industry itself but also among members of various cultures—especially those traditionally underrepresented or misrepresented by mainstream media outlets such as television or movies. By giving these individuals an opportunity to see themselves reflected back at them through artful storytelling, filmmakers are helping cultivate acceptance and understanding between different cultures while simultaneously showcasing the beauty and power of diverse perspectives in our world today.


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